Creatial is a software platform that connects brands with the creativity and influence of those who matter

We use the first mobile platform to send and receive creative briefs to our community of influencers, creatives and tastemakers.

We believe online audiences are no longer passive and now form part of the story. Creatial is a platform that allows brands to collaborate with the ambassadors that influence and inspire their market.

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The Creatial App

An instant, accessible creative process

  • Community management

    Our software centralizes your community in one easy to navigate dashboard

  • Influencer outreach

    Brief selected influencers on the go, engaging them to capture relevant content from their own authentic point of view

  • On-demand insights

    The Creatial app is the perfect conduit to gather crowd sourced visual, insight and both quantitative and qualitative analysis

  • Creative content sourcing and creation

    We are the first mobile platform to leverage crowd sourced creativity through mobile brief driven mechanics

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Niia #GenerationBlue

At Creatial we love to collaborate (and travel), so when the opportunity arose to jump on a flight to New York and partner with a…

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